30. oktober 2012

Shetland Diary - Monday

Thanks a lot to those of you who have commented on my posts from Shetland. And to those of you who have popped in and just read them too!

 So Monday was the first day of the Wool Week. I had signed up for MAKING KNITTING A CAREER, PART 1 - with JEN ARNALL-CULLIFORD and MAKING KNITTING A CAREER, PART 2 - with KATE DAVIES. We were a small, "exclusive" group of ladies. In my head, a tech editor was a very strict person, like an old school teacher, sometehing like McGonagall.. But Jen most definitely was not, she was the sweetest girl. And a good teacher (she has a very varied background). She made us work in groups, doing different exercises, and explained things very understandably. I would not be scared to have her as a tech editor. I met a nice Finnish designer there, who lives in Shetland, Outi Kater. She has some nice patterns.

After lunch we had the session with Kate Davies at Shetland Museum & Archives. She took us through the design process of her new hat, which at that point was nameless.

We got to find a model among us, photograph the hat, and come up with a name. 

She was very sweet to add all of the group  
as co-designers of the pattern, 
that ended up with the name Sixareen Kep
(I contributed by voting for the name 
and carry one of the camera lenses.)

On Monday evening we attended TRUNK SHOW FROM KATE DAVIES: First showing of Kate Davies new collection: garments and accessories in Jamieson & Smith’s Real Shetland Wool. 
I was to busy buying yarn to take photos. You can see a photo of some of the garments on Ammerins' blog, just scroll down a bit. Kate has written a bit about the designs (that will appear in a book by the end of November) on her blog, here and here. I have yarn for one of the garments... And for this one.

26. oktober 2012

Potholder Swap - October

Here's the pot holder I sent to BeritKristine. The theme I chose was "Oldies and Goldies" - I thought a granny square and a log cabin square was suitable for that theme. The edging is "Krepsemasker", which I believe is called "Reverse crochet" in English (correct me if I'm wrong). It's just single crochet worked from left to right, easy peasy, but quite decorative, I think.

23. oktober 2012

Shetland Diary - Sunday

I've been teasing you with photos from Shetland, but some of you are curious, and want to hear more about the trip. So I'll try to satisfy you curiosity. It's been a busy week since I came back, but today I have a little time, and will start on Sunday, when we left from Oslo Airport Gardermoen at nine o'clock for Edinburgh (so you can imagine we had an early start that day!)

We had to wait some hours at the airport in Edinburgh, but we found a cafe (the only cafe in the arriving part of the airport, I believe), with a nice sofa and good coffee. And we had our knitting, so a couple of hours wait, didn't bother us. I was working on this mitten, btw.

Our flight to Sumburgh airport was early in the afternoon. I was a little starstruck when I saw Kate Davies in the check in line just behind me... And the plane was the smallest one I ever flew with, but all went fine, and after arriving, we even got to say hello to Kate. We also met Cathy at the airport, who offered us a lift into Lerwick, but we deicided to hire a car for a couple of days. We had realised when looking closer at the program, that many of the events did not take place in the capital, and without a car it would be difficult to attend. A map in the program would have been nice for those of us who doesn't know Shetland.

We stayed at Shetland Hotel. Not exactly a charming place, but the room was quite big, the food was ok, there was a sofa in the bar, where we could have beer and knit (well, on Sunday we hadn't figured that out yet, I'm anticipating). And it was really close to Jamieson & Smith, which probably was the best thing about it.

We were terribly hungry, and walked into town for dinner at Queens Hotel. We had a delicious lamb shank, and we were full and tired when we came back to our hotel, And really looking farwards to the rest of the week. Lerwick looked like a nice town, with many small galleries, shops, and nice architecture.

12. oktober 2012

Goodbye Shetland

11. oktober 2012

Trying out Shetland beer

from Valhalla brewery

Waiting for the bus - at Littlehamar


Knitting on the ferry Belmont - Gutcher

On our way to Unst Heritage Center

10. oktober 2012

Evening walk in Lerwick

Shetland Lace overdose...

Shetland Lace class with Gudrun Johnston.
She was super nice and sweet, nothing the matter with her.
But it's exhausting for brain and shoulders to concentrate on lace charts for six hours...

We try to keep smiling...

Scalloway Hotel room

If we close our eyes. we can imagine this is our hotel room.
Arm chairs in Shetland Woven Fabric.

Next time.

Morning walk in Lerwick

Peerie shop cafe, Lerwick

St. Ninians Isle

Shetland Collection Open Studio

How to knit in the round on long dpns.

9. oktober 2012

Sheep and sheep heid

Knitting and lunch at Scalloway Hotel

J&S 2ply jumper weight

8. oktober 2012

Trunk show at Jamieson & Smith

First showing of Kate Davies new collection. I was too busy buying yarn to get around to photograph the garments, it was a bit crowded too. The colours are just beautiful, I want to bring them all home!

Kare Davies workshop

Photograping and naming Kate Davies` new pattern: Sixareen Kep.

7. oktober 2012

Dinner in Lerwick

We finally arrived, after a long day traveling. Delicious lamb at Queens hotel.

Wool Week

A typical shop window. Notice the Arne and Carlos book.

5. oktober 2012

"Chauffe-jambe points mousses et boutons"

Challenging Emmanuelle to knit legwarmers! 

Easy, peasy! 
Just garter stitch, yarn overs, a few increases and k2tog!
Et voilà!

Perfect for skirt loving girls in the climate of Lillehammer.

And if you want something more complicated,
I'm happy to announce that
the Lollipop legwarmer pattern is ready.

This pattern is available for $4.50 USD, 
in English and Norwegian.


Thanks a lot KNITnGLO, HarpaHauks and galinaf for test knitting. 

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