27. februar 2010

Christmas gift along - F e b r u a r y

The February gift is Elli Stubenrauch's Tree Mittens from Vogue Knitting winter 2010.

I have looked for Vogue Knitting on several occasions, without finding it. Then I discovered that the European version is called Designer Knitting. I bought the winter issue when going by train to Oslo recently. A disappointment to be honest: I didn't like the layout (hard to tell the content from publicity) and the patterns, well I liked some, but the rest was nothing special to me. When I left the train, I forgot the magazine... But I had read through one mitten pattern I really liked, and noticed that the charts were to be found online. So there was no problem figuring out how to make these pretty Tree Mittens.

(Mittens are photographed on my favourite transportation, a "spark" (Norwegian link), or kicksled.)

Didn't check gauge properly, though... Supposed to be 23 stitches and 25 rows per 10 cm, mine was 26 and 28, so they are size (X)S, I think. But I loved the pattern, and will probably make them again in a thicker yarn.

White: Du Store Alpakka Tynn Alpakka held double
Blue: Mirasol Yarn Hacho
Needles: 3,5 mm

24. februar 2010

Birthday tunic

A while ago a good friend complimented me on my new tunic bought from ZadOR ( see small photo). So I thought I'd make her something similar for her birthday. Like me, she likes the idea of reuse and redesign, so I'm sure she won't mind me using an old trouser, an old sweater and old fabric cut off from a dress turned into a blouse a while ago. The yarn for the edging is from my stash, left overs. The buttons are new though, from Buttonmad, Incomparable Handmade Buttons , bought in our local fabric store. On Flickr, you can see a photo with notes.

20. februar 2010

Made by my grandmother

I just read on Helene Magnussens blog about her grandmother Olga, who was a great knitter. Helene Magnussen is an Islandic knitter and designer living in Luxembourg. Her post inspired me to show you some of my grandmother's work.

My grandmother was a clever crafter, she knitted and sewed, and after she retired, took on tapestry weaving. I like to think I have inherited something from her. These are hanging in our mountain cottage.

This represents Odin riding his eight-legged horse Sleipner, read more about that on Wikipedia.

15. februar 2010

Selbu Sea Horse Mittens - free pattern

This is a “Selbu version” of my Hippocampus mittens, originally published in the Winter issue 2008 of The Inside Loop (now closed). Some people (from Selbu, which is a place in the middle of Norway, not far from Trondheim) have criticized Terri Shea’s book about Selbu mittens, saying that not all of her mittens are authentic Selbu mittens. Then the Norwegian publisher of the book announced a competition; they wanted knitters to send a photo of their best Selbu mittens. So I was inspired to make a mitten that would pretend to be a Selbu mitten, but that the “Selbu purists” certainly would not accept. Just for fun :-) I don't know what the criteria for a real Selbu mitten would be, but I've read somewhere that animals are not allowed, so these ones are definitely bastards. The text says “Selbu mitten or not” and “This is a real mitten”. If you want to make yourself a pair, you can download now , the pattern is a gift from me.

The pattern does not offer detailed instructions on how to make Selbu mittens. You find the charts that I used (with small modifications (hopefully improvements)). I also offer a mitten palm without the Norwegian text, and one blank palm where you can write your own text if you wish. 

Have fun!

14. februar 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Autumn heart

6. februar 2010

Peace and love for Haiti

My pattern Selbu Peace&Love Mittens is now available. Till end of February, 100% of the sales price for this pattern will be sent through Norwegian Red Cross to help the people of Haiti. I have to give a huge thank you to my wonderful test knitters, Annepålandet and Pinneguri. Click on their names to see their beautiful versions of the mittens.

Like other designers, I have experienced a great increase in pattern sales for patterns marked "Help for Haiti". Ysolda has raised the amaizing sum of over 15000 pounds. I cannot compete with that sum (or design talent, I might add), but I'm pleased to tell you that the sales of my Lullaby Love and Phantasy patterns so far have raised 140 $ to the Norwegian Redd Cross' work in Haiti.

2. februar 2010

Neck warmers - pattern update, finished object and work in progress

The Inside Loop magazine is now closed. My Amiga pattern is now updated and available as a free Ravelry download: download now. This one is made of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn.

I recently finished this shawl - a birthday present, not saying for whom because I'm not sure who's reading...

Design: Andrea's shawl from Throughtheloops

Yarn: Cascade Venezia Worsted (1 skein) and Mirasol Hacho (less than 1 skein)

Needles: 4 mm

New technique: Don't think so, but a nice practice in lace knitting, not too complicated, and not too much.

Modifications: Didn't have enough yarn of MC, only 1 skein, do I had to omit the picots of the edging and cast off after 2 or 3 rows.

Notes: It's such a lovely pattern, I'll definitely make it again, in a bigger version.

Roots by Tora Frøseth design - a work in progress. Nice pattern, easy to remember, nice use of short rows. Have to find some nice buttons.

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