24. februar 2010

Birthday tunic

A while ago a good friend complimented me on my new tunic bought from ZadOR ( see small photo). So I thought I'd make her something similar for her birthday. Like me, she likes the idea of reuse and redesign, so I'm sure she won't mind me using an old trouser, an old sweater and old fabric cut off from a dress turned into a blouse a while ago. The yarn for the edging is from my stash, left overs. The buttons are new though, from Buttonmad, Incomparable Handmade Buttons , bought in our local fabric store. On Flickr, you can see a photo with notes.

2 kommentarer:

Rosalía sa...

It's very nice. Good idea!

Solveig sa...

Så stilig - tenker den faller i smak. Gjenbruk er spennende!

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