26. juni 2012

Dreaming of Provence

It seems I can't stop making hats at the moment..

Here's my newest design - "Dreaming of Provence"

I lived in Provence for half a year in my youth. I've been back a couple of times, but it's a long time ago now. 25 years, to be exact, hard to believe, really, me being 29...

Petah is an Australian girl who fell in love with Provenc. She now organizes craft tours and other tours to Provence,  Provence Temptation. Tempting indeed, isn't it?

I would love to go back soon. Maybe next year. In the meantime, I knit and dream of Provence.

The hat is worked in Finullgarn. You only need appr. 8 g of each colour, so it's perfect for left overs. I think it would be lovely worked in hand painted sock yarn too. Are you interested? I could need a test knitter or two (repeating myself, aren't I?). At the moment I have written it in Norwegian, but I will translate it as soon as I can. 

The hat is inspired by the flowers of Provence, poppies, sun flowers, lavender.

23. juni 2012

Name suggestions wanted!

I finally finished this no purl, no steek, no finishing* scrap yarn flower scarf!

* If you braid the ends as you go, there is no finishing. 

But I am not able to think of a name for the pattern. Any ideas?

In Oppdal they have used all their scrap yarn, have a look at this

17. juni 2012

Where have the torch man gone?

I have made the smallest size of the Torch man's hat
 -  without the torch man.
I wanted to see how the pattern would work with only trees, 
thinking that there might be people not so interested in this Torch man.

The Norwegian pattern is ready, and is beeing test knitted. 
English translation is on my to do-list...
I could use a couple of test knitters, if someone is interested. 

5. juni 2012

Torch man's hat

So who is the torch man?

He was one of the design elements for the Winter Olympics in Lillehamme rin 1994. And he's still alive and kicking, but the forest owners threatened to let him die. Now he is saved for some time, thanks to Linda Eide. You can see her programme here. (All Norwegian links, I'm afraid.) Althoug I live quite close to the Torch man, and often see when out skiing in winter, it was that programme that inspired me to make this hat. The recipient lives even closer than me, and can see the Torch man from his terrace. 

There's a pattern in the making! 
Here I'm working on the smallest size. 


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