June 23, 2012

Name suggestions wanted!

I finally finished this no purl, no steek, no finishing* scrap yarn flower scarf!

* If you braid the ends as you go, there is no finishing. 

But I am not able to think of a name for the pattern. Any ideas?

In Oppdal they have used all their scrap yarn, have a look at this

5 kommentarer:

Elanit said...

Så jättefin!!! Jag blev riktigt inspirerad!

Anonymous said...

Nudelig sjal og til navn foreslår jeg "Blomstereng" men du vil kanskje ha noe på ænglisj åff kårs.


Zab said...
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Zab said...

Je l'aime! Vraiment très beau! Un nom? Jacquard sans fin, ou neverending stranded.

torirot said...

Tusen takk for kommentarer og forslag. Merci, Zab!

Pattern is published now - with the name "Octopetala"


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