24. mai 2009

Retro football hats

This is Lillehammer Football Club's hat (LFK). I don't think I have many readers in Lillehammer, and I doubt anybody else would be interested in this hat, but I post anyway. This is the best hat so far, says my husband. He likes the club's simple, retro logo. Pattern is coming (in Norwegian), with one big adult size, and one smaller child size, and ideas for down- or upsizing. As for the rest of my football hats, the pattern is sold to raise money for local football grounds. These to hats will probably become lottery prizes.

2 kommentarer:

Aji Yulianto sa...

i tought i was send a comment here, lol. yea i`m sure about that.
well, u`re great..!!

torirot sa...

Thanks! Glad you like my hats:)

Now back to 2nd half of Champion league final. Go Barcelona!!

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