30. mai 2009

FFK hat

"What about FFK? You should make a Fredrikstad hat, too!" said a friend when I was trying to sell some hats and patterns during av football game.

"You would buy it then?"

"Of course."

I had no idea what the FFK logo looked like, but I found it was a nice and "knitable" one.

There are some criteria to be fulfilled to make me go ahead designing another hat.

  • I want a buyer for the model hat
  • I want it to be a club that is supported by more than this one buyer, so the pattern will sell
  • And it has to be a logo that I am able to turn into a knitting pattern

FFK is Fredrikstad's football club, and it's one of Norway's oldest football clubs, with a rich tradition. The town is called "Plankebyen" (plank town) because it used to be an important timber harbour. When searching for the logo, I found that it was inspired by the Polish flag, after a match between FFK and Poland. Hopefully, my friend, who is from Fredrikstad, will help me sell the FFK-pattern - coming soon!!
Update: Now available, 50 Nkr

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