30. juli 2009

The Half-Blood Prince and Luna Lovegood Scarf

The other day I saw the new Harry Potter movie, wearing my Luna Luneskjær Scarf - Luna Lovegood in English. The Norwigian translator of the Harry Potter books, Torstein Bugge Høverstad, has translated also many of the names in the books. The names often have allusions and connotations in English, that otherwise would be lost in the Norwegian text. I have read somewhere that he could do this, because he was one of the first to translate the books, later the names were copyrighted. Some doesn't like this, especially those who first read the books in English. I do like his tranlations, although I had some difficulties when reading the last book in English (couldn't wait for the Norwegian translation to see what happened to Harry.) There are several online dictionaries, this, for example, so you can easily find a translation if you wonder.

But back to the scarf - this is a fiber crafting blog, after all. I loved the pattern, it's easy to remember, and the result is lovely. I used a cotton/viscose blend, Brilla, from Filatura di Crosa, and hook 3 mm, which I think was perfect for the pattern. I used 2 skeins, and had to omit the picot edging because I ran out of yarn. But it's nice, anyway. The pattern is by pinkleo, and you can find it here.

10. juli 2009

Vål'enga hat

Another football hat is finished, Vålerenga Fotball (VIF):

I'm not a dedicated football fan, but
VIF is a club that is close to my heart, the team comes from the part of Oslo where my mother grew up.

I had a look in
Wikipedia: "Up to 1913, Vålerenga's kit was moss green. In 1914, the Norwegian State Railways had a set of blue and red kits left over, which Vålerenga bought cheaply, so their official colours became blue and red." When I made the Fredrikstad hat, I learnt that they chose their colours after a match against Poland, they liked the colours of the Polish flag. So the chose of a team's colours is obviously quite arbitrary.. (That is, if you can trust Wikipedia).

It was harder than I thought to turn their logo into knitting. I should probably have chosen at thinner yarn. With a smaller gauge, it would work well in colourwork, I think. But with my aran
Free Style from Dale, I ended up embroidering the logo. If I'm persuaded to make another VIF hat, I'll do it in a fingering yarn. But next up is probably another Oslo team, Skeid, from the part of town where my father grew up. They've played in the Norwegian premier league for a long time, but not since 1999. (I'm amazed that all these Norwegian football teams have Wikipedia articles in English..)

Pattern is ready, in Norwegian. See

4. juli 2009

Three columns!

Wow - I did it! Almost didn't believe my eyes when I checked the preview and saw the three columns!

I have been wondering about how to get three columns. On Merete Veians blog (in Norwegian) I found some links - but none of them for my blog template (Rounders). So I tried google: rounders three columns blogger - and arrived here: An easy-to-follow tutorial for dummies like me!

Still have to figure out how to change the text colours in the left sidebar, though...

Have a nice summer, everyone!

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