10. juli 2009

Vål'enga hat

Another football hat is finished, Vålerenga Fotball (VIF):

I'm not a dedicated football fan, but
VIF is a club that is close to my heart, the team comes from the part of Oslo where my mother grew up.

I had a look in
Wikipedia: "Up to 1913, Vålerenga's kit was moss green. In 1914, the Norwegian State Railways had a set of blue and red kits left over, which Vålerenga bought cheaply, so their official colours became blue and red." When I made the Fredrikstad hat, I learnt that they chose their colours after a match against Poland, they liked the colours of the Polish flag. So the chose of a team's colours is obviously quite arbitrary.. (That is, if you can trust Wikipedia).

It was harder than I thought to turn their logo into knitting. I should probably have chosen at thinner yarn. With a smaller gauge, it would work well in colourwork, I think. But with my aran
Free Style from Dale, I ended up embroidering the logo. If I'm persuaded to make another VIF hat, I'll do it in a fingering yarn. But next up is probably another Oslo team, Skeid, from the part of town where my father grew up. They've played in the Norwegian premier league for a long time, but not since 1999. (I'm amazed that all these Norwegian football teams have Wikipedia articles in English..)

Pattern is ready, in Norwegian. See

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