30. juli 2009

The Half-Blood Prince and Luna Lovegood Scarf

The other day I saw the new Harry Potter movie, wearing my Luna Luneskjær Scarf - Luna Lovegood in English. The Norwigian translator of the Harry Potter books, Torstein Bugge Høverstad, has translated also many of the names in the books. The names often have allusions and connotations in English, that otherwise would be lost in the Norwegian text. I have read somewhere that he could do this, because he was one of the first to translate the books, later the names were copyrighted. Some doesn't like this, especially those who first read the books in English. I do like his tranlations, although I had some difficulties when reading the last book in English (couldn't wait for the Norwegian translation to see what happened to Harry.) There are several online dictionaries, this, for example, so you can easily find a translation if you wonder.

But back to the scarf - this is a fiber crafting blog, after all. I loved the pattern, it's easy to remember, and the result is lovely. I used a cotton/viscose blend, Brilla, from Filatura di Crosa, and hook 3 mm, which I think was perfect for the pattern. I used 2 skeins, and had to omit the picot edging because I ran out of yarn. But it's nice, anyway. The pattern is by pinkleo, and you can find it here.

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