27. november 2012

Shetland Diary - Thursday

On Thursday, we had three cars heading for Unst Heritag Centre, to see their collection of old lace items, and to see the norhern parts of Mainland Shetland, and the two northernmost islands, Yell and Unst. While waiting for everybody to arrive, we had al look at some of the fleece at Jamieson and Smith.

We arrived early for the ferry to Yell. Took some photos and luckily we had brought our knitting, it was quite windy, so we stayed in the car knitting.

Two of the cars just got on the next ferry, but not the last one.. So here is a photo from the ferry quay in Unst, where we waited for the last car. 

And so we arrived at Unst Heritage Centre. Here is a photo of the traditional cockleshell lace pattern, in a scarf. Here are some more photos of cockleshell lace.

I now realize, I did not take many photos. You can see more photos on  FrisianFrillies' blog, and on MoniqueB's blog. Monique is an amazing lace knitter!

On the way back, we stopped to see this copy of a viking ship, and a viking house. Unst has "the highest density of rural Viking sites anywhere, including Scandinavia" according to Shetland Amenity Trust.

We also stopped at Bayanne House in Sellafirth, a small gallery with textile art, kntting, embroidery, all with motifs from Shetland, and frames made from material found at the beach. The top one is my favourite.

We had a lot of fun at the Littlehamar bus stop, obviously decorated for the London Olympics 2012!

With two ferries on the way back too, obviously, I was quite tired when we got back to Lerwick. My friend was waiting for me in town, she had joined a knitting class that day. The beer and the sheep we had for dinner, tasted deliciously. 

So that was the end of our Shetland adventure, for this time. We both want to go back another time. Maybe visit in summer to see more of the islands and the birds. And definitely another wool week some time.

Thanks for following my trip and for the comments you've made. Hope you have enjoyed it. I definitely have!

4 kommentarer:

dorothee draft sa...

Merci pour la ballade !

Miranne sa...

Takk for at me har fått vere med på turen din. Må ha vore fantastisk flott!


Takk for turen! Høres ut som en flott tur - kunne godt tenkt meg å dratt på Wool Week selv en gang jeg!

Hannesol sa...

Syns du har tatt masse flotte bilder jeg! Takk for at du deler turen med oss :) Og hihi, der var det fine busskuret igjen! Tror jeg hadde blitt der en stund jeg!

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