30. oktober 2012

Shetland Diary - Monday

Thanks a lot to those of you who have commented on my posts from Shetland. And to those of you who have popped in and just read them too!

 So Monday was the first day of the Wool Week. I had signed up for MAKING KNITTING A CAREER, PART 1 - with JEN ARNALL-CULLIFORD and MAKING KNITTING A CAREER, PART 2 - with KATE DAVIES. We were a small, "exclusive" group of ladies. In my head, a tech editor was a very strict person, like an old school teacher, sometehing like McGonagall.. But Jen most definitely was not, she was the sweetest girl. And a good teacher (she has a very varied background). She made us work in groups, doing different exercises, and explained things very understandably. I would not be scared to have her as a tech editor. I met a nice Finnish designer there, who lives in Shetland, Outi Kater. She has some nice patterns.

After lunch we had the session with Kate Davies at Shetland Museum & Archives. She took us through the design process of her new hat, which at that point was nameless.

We got to find a model among us, photograph the hat, and come up with a name. 

She was very sweet to add all of the group  
as co-designers of the pattern, 
that ended up with the name Sixareen Kep
(I contributed by voting for the name 
and carry one of the camera lenses.)

On Monday evening we attended TRUNK SHOW FROM KATE DAVIES: First showing of Kate Davies new collection: garments and accessories in Jamieson & Smith’s Real Shetland Wool. 
I was to busy buying yarn to take photos. You can see a photo of some of the garments on Ammerins' blog, just scroll down a bit. Kate has written a bit about the designs (that will appear in a book by the end of November) on her blog, here and here. I have yarn for one of the garments... And for this one.

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