16. mai 2009

Small, bright, plastic thingies

I had never heard of stitch markers before I entered the knitting world on Internet. If I needed to mark stitches, I used contrast coloured scrap yarn. And was happy with that. But then I saw one beautiful stitch marker after the other, and became a little envious. It looked so simple and elegant - "place marker", in stead of looking for scrap yarn (that's not hard to find in my house, though..) Anyway, I finally have my own stitch markers! I first saw them on Tikru's blog. And then made my first Etsy purchase, from Succaplokki. I have considered it before, but most sellers are in the US, which means unreasonably high shipping cost for some small stitch markers. Buying from a neighbouring country like Finland is cheaper. And the markers are lovely.

When I was a kid, we also had these plastic beads. But I never saw those small spiky tables to make patterns on. I know I would have loved that! None of my boys have accepted my offers to teach them to knit or crochet, but they've done a lot of beading, so they must have inherited something..

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Aji Yulianto sa...

Hi Tori..
still remember me.? i saw your juventus hat from ravelry..:D
yea, i just know that was knitting too from my friend last friday.

anyway, your husband said this the best hat so far.? yea great..!!
and two thumbs up for your MU and Liverpool hat..!!

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