10. november 2009

Lion mittens - or how to mirror a chart

The little boy of the Lizard mittens now wanted lion mittens:

I used Juvel yarn from Idena, needles 3,5 for the ribbing (36 sts) and 4,5 for the pattern. I should have used smaller needles for the pattern, they are a bit loose, and a bit big, but he'll grow into them.

I ran across a discussion on Ravelry about how to knit Selbu style mittens, and there I was explained how to make a mirrored picture of a chart. When the pattern is not symmetrical, I like the mittens to be mirrored pictures of each other. So, for the second mitten, I use to read the chart from left to right. But since you knit from right to left, some people obviously find this a little tricky.

I use excel to creat the chart. Marnie has a very nice tutorial on how to do this. But I've not been able to flip the chart in excel. (It might be possible too, for all I know). But anyway, it's very easy to do with for example Paint:

- Make a chart, for example using excel.
- Mark the pattern and copy it (ctrl C)
- Paste it into Paint (or any other editing program like that, I suppose) (ctrl V)
- Save as for example "Left lion mitten"
- Then choose "Rotate/flip" (I have the Norwegian version, but I suppose this is what it says in English)
- Click on "Flip horizontally"
- Save as "Right lion mitten"

Left lion mitten

Right lion mitten

Click on the charts to have an enlarged picture.
Text, charts and photos are © torirot design. The pattern is for personal and non-profit use only. Have fun with the lions, knitting and playing in the snow!

5 kommentarer:

ElioS sa...

These are adorable! Thanks so much sharing the pattern.

Asplund sa...

Love those lions!

Pinneguri sa...

Takk for tips, og takk for mønster :D

yarndancer sa...

I love these mittens!! Thank you for sharing the pattern!

torirot sa...

Thanks everyeone! Would be fun to see more lions out there soon :-)

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