22. november 2009

Whimsical FO

Ysolda is one of my favourite designers, and I'm very happy with my Damson. It's my first lace shawl. First, I meant to make the Swallowtail Shawl (ravelink). But after just a few rows, my stitch count was already wrong - and I was planning to knit this in the car, so I changed my mind, and opted for Damson, a very cute little shawl. Not very lacy, but enough to call it my first lace shawl, I've decided. The hat is also from Ysolda, Urchin, from Knitty Fall 2007.


Ysolda's Whimsical Little Knits 2 is such a cute collection of pattens, I'd like to make all of it! Next up is another shawl, the Scroll Lace Scarf (ravelink), from the same collection. And my next cardigan is going to be Ysolda's Vine Yoke Cardigan from Twist Collective Autumn 2009.

(I'm sorry to say the model was decapitated by gravity just after the photo shooting...)

4 kommentarer:

yarndancer sa...

Your damson is very pretty! The colour is beautiful. I love the pics on the snowman, it makes me wish for snow here! Such a shame he came to a bad end though :)

torirot sa...

Thank you! The snow has alomost rained away now, but today it's cold, so it's icy and slippery.. November is often like that..

Pinneguri sa...

Har du prøvd Ulmus? Også et enkelt og effektivt mønster som gir et råflott sjal. Men Ysolda-sjalet ditt er vakkert det, altså :D

torirot sa...

Har Ulmus ganske høyt oppe på lista, ja :-) Men foreløpig er det Whimsical knits og neste på lista er Scroll lace shawl.

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