16. november 2009

One year blog anniversary!

So it's been one year... I hesitated a long time before I threw myself into the knit blogging world. I was - and still am - ambivalent about this project.

Before starting, I wondered
- will anybody read?
- will I have something to write about?
- will it be to hard to formulate interesting posts in English?
- will it take too much time?
- why am I doing this?

The answer to the first two questions is obviously yes. When it comes to my English, I try not to think that I have to compete with blog writers whose mother thongue is English. The main thing is that people understand what I mean. I could of course have used Norwegian, which is my mother tongue. But that would exclude most of my Flickr and Ravelry friends. So English it is.

And blogging does take time, I'd rather think it takes time that I otherwise would have used surfing around on the web, but I'm not sure...

And why am I doing this?

As I said, I am ambivalent. But when I got my first pattern published, I decided it was time. I enjoy visiting designer's blogs. It started with Knitty, visiting the Knitty designer's blogs opened my eyes to this part of the web some years ago. And I was disappointed when I saw an interesting design, but found no blog. So I figured, other people would probably like to visit my blog, if they liked my design. So there I was.

I also blog to have somewhere to show and sell my patterns. Opening my own website would be to ambitious, so I'm fine with this. With the help of Ravelry, of course!

And when you answer one question, there comes another one: Why do I design? Or rather, why do I publish it? Couldn't I just be happy making things without necessarily publish it? I probably could. But once you've started, it's hard to stop, somehow. So I'll be around for a while, still, I think.

Thanks for reading and commenting this first year of blogging! If anybody wants to win one of my patterns (ie, the ones to buy in the left sidebar or one of the football hats in the right sidebar) just make a comment and tell me which pattern you would like. Three of you will be lucky winners! You have till Sunday 22nd.

1 kommentarer:

AnnetteK sa...

Gratulerer med jubileum!!
Jeg er stadig innom bloggen din, for å se hva du driver med, og hva du designer :)
Gleder meg til fortsettelsen!

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