25. november 2009

Mittens at forty

For some reason, my friends keep turning forty... And I've been making mittens for them. These are for Torgun, who turns 40 today. It's a free pattern by Hanneke Sieben. You can download it from her Ravelry shop. I modified the ribbing, otherwise followed the pattern.

These were for Charlotte. Free pattern from Knitty Winter 2006, Tiffany.

And these were for Marianne. My Hippocampus mittens, pattern can be found for free in the left sidebar.

Edit: I just realised I had spelt 40 wrong - it's forty, not fourty. I also didn't know that this is the only English number whose letters are in alphabetical order! Good to know! This is what Wikipedia says:

Despite being related to the word "four" (4), 40 is spelled "forty", not "fourty". This is because etymologically (and still in accents without the horse-hoarse merger), the words have different vowels, "forty" containing a contraction in the same way that "fifty" contains a contraction of "five". The letters of the word "forty" are in alphabetical order; this is the only number that has this linguistic property in English.

4 kommentarer:

helene magnusson sa...

I turned 40 last spring ! But nobody gave me hand knitted mittens. Your friends are lucky !

yarndancer sa...

Those mittens are lovely, lucky friends!! I didn't know that forty was the only number with alphabetical letters either, and english is my first language! You learn something new every day!

Judith sa...

Jeg har gitt deg en award.
Du lager så mye flott, og deler! Tusen takk for det.

Solveig sa...

Så heldige vennene dine er. Flotte votter er noe man trenger på dennne tiden av året.

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