18. april 2010

Stranded colourwork anyone?

If you enjoy stranded colourwork, you should check out the links in Pinneguri's post, "Mønsterstrikker, la deg inspirere" .There are several small treasures. This is one of my favourites:

I've been wanting to make the Paperdolls sweater for a while, but I've decided to use another pattern on the yoke, something with birds, I've been thinking. And here it was. Thank you, Pinneguri!

There are so many versions of Paperdolls out there. Jettshin (Ravelink) has made five so far, check them out on Flickr: with snails, hedgehogs, birds, owls and paperdolls.

The designer is Kate Davies, designer of the popular Owls sweater.

Here is my yarn:

I have heard so much about Wollmeise sock yarn, and have finally been able to purchase a few skeins. I will use the purple as main colour, but am not sure about the rest. The other colours are from Ninukka and Black Cat Fibres (etsy shops). I love the yellow, but am afraid it will be too catchy. And the green is a little colder than I like. But the grey is boring. And the blue is beautiful, but will give too little contrast for the main pattern. The red is nice too, but I'm not sure I'm in the mood for a purple/red sweater.

What do you think?

4 kommentarer:

EllenSand sa...

Tusen takk for den fine kommentaren i bloggen min. Det varmer :)
Må si jeg er mektig imponert over strikkeriene dine. Utrolig kreativt. De sjøhestvottene er så vakre at jeg kunne hengt de på veggen :)

Pinneguri sa...

You're welcome ;) Gleder meg til å se din variasjon.

Anonym sa...

Beautiful! If it were my sweater I'd use purple for the body and gray for the background of the colorwork. That way you could pu the blue in the colorwork without worrying about how it contrasts against the purple. You could even do blue and yellow and green in the colorwork since they'd all stand against the gray nicely.

I really look forward to seeing your progress in the 2 week sweater challenge!

torirot sa...

Thanks for commenting, all of you!
Ladysaphira - I don't have enough blue yarn to go for your suggestion (and I need most of the grey for another project) So I go for the catchy option, yellow and purple, I think... We'll see.

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