9. april 2010

Knitting in colour - y e l l o w

A new post in the "Knitting in colour"-series inspired by Judith. And the colour is yellow! I notice that many say pass, - sorry, I don't have any yellow projects. But I do - yellow used to be my favourite colour. As a child, I felt that an outfit without yellow in it, was really dull, I felt grey without something yellow, as if the yellow would lighten me up as the sun.

I'm actually knitting in yellow at the moment: This is my Easter knitting that I mentioned in my postcard in the last post.

I don't use as much yellow as I did as a child, and I do worry that this Audrey in Unst-cardigan will be too yellow... but we'll see. The pattern is from Twist Collective autumn 2009, and the designer is Gudrun Johnston. Pickles sold their "Easter-coloured" yarn with 20% discount, and on an impulse, I bought this Sunflower yarn. I had been looking for yarn for this cardigan for a while, and this fine merino yarn had the right weight.

But I have some finished projects, too:
Textured Tweed Clutch, by Mari Lynn Patrick,
(Click on the photo for details.)

My own design, the yellow scrap gnomy.

(Click on photo for details.)

And last, but not least, my Corset Tank Top , by Annie Modesitt .

Click on the photo if you're interested in the details.

3 kommentarer:

Judith sa...

Denne oppgaven løste du med glans! Toppen din var kjempefin, og den gule genseren gleder jeg meg til å se ferdig!

Nina sa...

Ooh, that cardigan is going to be so pretty! I love that color. :) The hat is very cute and the top looks great too. :)

Solveig sa...

Jammen hadde du masse lekkert i gult. Har ikke tenkt å melde pass, vet at jeg har et par gule plagg liggende et sted. Men så lekre som disse er de definitivt ikke.

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