27. juli 2013

Contrast and colourwork - a finished pair of mittens

I made these mittens for a mitten knitalong on Facebook
They were supposed to be finished in May, but other projects and life came in the way. 

-Pattern: 126-5 Mittens with pattern in ” Delight” and ” Fabel”  by DROPS design 
-Yarn:: Kauni Effektgarn and som unknown gray yarn from stash 

Modifications to the pattern:
- Just made a ribbing instead of patterned cuff. 
-Changed the thumb a bit, and moved it up, 
since people commented they were a bit long (the mittens, that is). 

I think they look nice, but the pattern doesn't show perfectly due to lack of contrast.
(on the black&white photo you can really see this lack of contrast). 
Somehow I like the effect, though.

2 kommentarer:

Kathy... sa...

My Mystery KAL mittens have a similar color contrast (or lack thereof), but now that they are finished, I like mine also. I agree, I like yours also. It's subtle and interesting!

dorothee draft sa...

ça donne envie de se remettre au jaquard :)

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