31. desember 2008


I have self published my first free patterns, Curly and Stripey.
I have self published a pattern for sale (so far, I'm not rich..)
I have had two of my patterns published in The Inside Loop.

I have started blogging (don't know if anybody is reading, though).
I have done slalom skiing for the first time.
I have learnt I-cord bind off.
I have started to knit mittens, after I found the "magic loop" technique.

I have celebrated my 40th birthday ("life begins at fourty").
I have read some books, and remember one more than others: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.
I have finished several projects, but the number of wip's has not decreased..

Some of my finished objects from 2008.
Happy New Year to everyone!

2 kommentarer:

Pinneguri sa...

Juhuuu. I am reading your blog :D
Men jeg er ikke like flink til å kommentere som å lese *skam på deg, pinneguri*
Det med kommentarer tar ofte litt tid, og er en blanding av at du kommenterer med at du har spennende prosjekter med at du er aktiv i forskjellige fora at du skriver interessant ... ja, det er sikkert flere faktorer. Fortsett du :)

yarndancer sa...

Congratulations on all your achievements in 2008! I love all your patterns! Congrats on publishing them. Happy New Year!

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