16. desember 2008

Sewing club

Many Norwegian women are members of a "syklubb" (sewing club). This is mostly an excuse to get together, eat, drink, talk, and maybe knit a stitch or two. But there is rarely any sewing. Until recently: Some friends and I have started a sewing club where we actually sew. Inspired by Tulip and Tatamo and SiriSDesign we wanted to make our own dresses. The idea is to recycle old clothes, but so far we have bought our fabric at Stoff og stil , a Norwegian (and Danish, I think) online shop.

The dress pattern is also from Stoff og stil, pattern 23015, dress/T-shirt. I added the ribbon, and some width to the skirt, otherwise followed tha pattern. (The photo could have been better, but daylight is scarce nowadays... )

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