19. desember 2008

Stella polaris - nordic star hat

A couple of weeks ago I answered Frksnupp's survey about the nordic star. This survey is for her masters thesis in the Arts and Culture programme at the University of Stavanger (UiS), Norway. Her intention is to find out more on the use of the Nordic star, connected to knitting or crocheting patterns and how it is used in Ravelry. One of the questions asked if you were planning to use the nordic star in your design. And I thought, that's a good idea, and I came up with this hat:

The yarn is super bulky - Hubro from Dalegarn - so it's a very quick knit, a couple of hours only. So if you need a quick gift, here you are! I'm planning to put it up for sale, but for now you can download the charts for free
here, as a christmas gift from me!

Tension: 10,5 sts / 10 cm and 13 rows / 10 cm

Finished size: 47 cm circumference (fitting a medium size adult head)

Needles: 8 mm for ribbing, 10 mm for stranded colourwork (or needles to get right tension).

Cast on 48 sts on smaller needles. K 2, p 2 for 6 rows. With larger needles work according to chart A (three repeats) and chart B (four repeats). Draw yarn through remainig 8 sts. Weave in ends. Please let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!

(This is a bad photo, but if you look closely, you can see a star on top of the hat too.)

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