19. april 2012

Fun with Ravelry ads

I have made a Ravelry ad for Group Forum Banners, 
you might see it in this group, for example. 
Spring is maybe not the best time 
to make advertisements for mittens, 
but I just wanted to try. 

And it was so fun to make these banners, 
so I made some more... 
They¨re not published yet, 
but maybe they will be later. 

2 kommentarer:

Mary Lou sa...

Cute, I'll be interested to see how they work. i bought the Lilly-hammer mittens, but who knows when I'll actually get to knitting them!

Flowermouse Design sa...

Wow!!! I like number 1,2 and 7 very much. Easy to read and very inviting!! Good work!!

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