15. april 2012

New project bag

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Found this pattern on Pinterest, Origami Lotus Bag. You find the free tutorial here.

It's surprisingly easy to make, I'll definitely make more! Would make a perfect gift for a knitter, with a nice skein or two inside.

3 kommentarer:

Mary Lou sa...

Sweet - and it looks like it would accommodate needles easily.

rett og vrang sa...

En annen variant! Morsom! Så en annen for en stund siden i en butikk med noen bretter her og der. Den var det mye jobb med! Ligna på slike "spå"-greier som ungene driver med. Ha en fin søndag! Synnøve

CeltChick sa...

Now I know what to do with all those fabric remnants I buy at the ThreadFest! One can never have too many project bags. I could see upsizing this, to accomodate somewhat larger projects, or use as a general purpose tote. Thanks!

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