25. april 2011

Birthday hat #1

The coming months I'm planning three hats for birthday presents. First out is my brother in law, then a friend, then a colleague.

My brother-in-law plays the saxophone, he likes Egypt and arabic music, he will turn 40 shortly and his name is … تريجوا I hope he likes his new hat!

I'm very happy with the arabic lettering. I don't know arabic myself, but I do hope it’s legible! I had a university Arabic teacher write it down for me in an Arabic font. And I copied it quite accurately, I think.

And I'm happy with the top (I made the hat top-down) and the ribbing.

Not that happy with the saxophone and the camel, but that's in the back, anyway.

The yarn is Schachenmayr nomotta Alpaka, from my stash, worked on needles 3,5 mm.

1 kommentarer:

Yarndancer sa...

Lovely hat! I'm sure your brother in law will love it!

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