16. april 2011

Easter exhibition vernissage at Pellestova

Vernissage today! It was fun. Nice dresses, photos and paintings. And music and wine. Sorry to Lars Erik and Thor-Arne that there are mostly dress photos... you see, dresses are my main interest :-)

Thor-Arne is in a blue period...

Lars Erik, some of his photos and some of his daughters.

The redesigner and a customer! Nice fit!

Another customer!

I bought a something too!

I think the designer needs to do some more sewing...

More photos on Flickr. Or on Facebook.

2 kommentarer:

AHJ sa...

Takk for påminnelsen, jeg må ta turen innom i løpet av påskehelga -inspirerende bilder!

Yuli Wulandari sa...

Hi...greetings ^^ I know someone name Lars who live in Norwegia. He had worked in Norwegian red Cross and lived at Aceh for some years ago. Do U know him? if so, send my gretings from me and my mom Mardhiah, would U? ^^ and I love this site, U do great work..thank for sharing.

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