8. mai 2016

Crofthoose hat - ready for Shetland Wool Week!

In  Edinburgh I picked up the official Shetland Wool Week 2016 hat pattern, the Crofthoose hat by Ella Gordon. You can get the digital pattern via Shetland Wool Week home page.

Back home I found my Jamieson & Smith Jumper Weight yarn, and picked a colour palette that I liked. It's a lovely pattern, and I'm very happy with my hat. (I'm also happy that summer temperatures are finally here, and that I probably won't need it until September in Shetland). 

I love the houses...

... the colours

... and the crown pattern

1 kommentarer:

Deborah sa...

I love the colors you chose for your hat. It was a fun project to knit, wasn't it? o{]:-)

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