7. mai 2011

Colourful Barcelona

Last week we spent some wonderful days in Barcelona!

Park Güell

La Sagrada Familia

A golden whale...?


We all fell for these - but I think we'll have to make them ourselves, the price was not for my budget, anyway...

More Gaudí...

Food and drink....

Park Güell


I did not knit one stitch.... Didn't even enter a yarn shop (didn't see one...)

Will definetely go back!

8 kommentarer:

MJ sa...

wow! you've been here! I hope you had a great time, even without yarn shops (By the way I work in one)

torirot sa...

Lo pasamos genial! La próxima vez te avisaré y buscaré tu tienda de lana :-)

Rosalía sa...

Oh, what a pretty pictures!
I had liked meet you!
What a pity, I live near Barcelona!

Yarndancer sa...

What beautiful colourful pictures! I'm very jealous, I want to go to Barcelona too!

torirot sa...

Rosalia - thank you! It was a busy trip
- te avisaré la próxima vez :-)

Yarndancer - you should go if you get the chance, it's a wonderful city!

AnnetteK sa...

Ser ut som du hadde en fin tur, håper å få mulighet til å reise dit en gang.

skb sa...

Eg har aldri vore i Barcelona, men det står på planen.
Sist helg var eg i London, og det vart kun strikking på flyet, og ingen strikkebutikkar ( sjølv om eg gjekk forbi Liberty ). Konklusjon: storbyferie + strikking = usant

Laura sa...

Oh my... I wish I could pop on over to Barcelona for the weekend... GORGEOUS pics, I think I will live vicariously through them and you!

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