24. mai 2011

Fun with beads, needles and yarn

I have too many projects going on at the moment, most of them quite far from finishing. So I wanted a small and quick project:

The pattern is "Ribband" by Laura Nelkin. It suggests to use som kind of dental floss device to thread on the beads. I have never seen that, so I used a thin needle and sewing thread, which worked just perfect, as you can see.

The yarn is a multicoloured sock yarn from my stash. My bag of beads contained almost 400 beads, a little less than called for in the pattern.

Here's the finished necklace (I did not have a clasp, so I just joined it by sewing).

And here around my arm.

I've already bought more beads... maybe another Ribband, or maybe the next pattern from Laura Nelkin's collection "Adorn".

5 kommentarer:

Flowermouse Design sa...

Wow, looks fantastic. And what a great project to get something finished faster... I know that feelin all too well!!

Yarndancer sa...

Lovely!! Very impressed with your beading!

Babben sa...

Så lekkert det ble! Artig med sånne småprosjekter når det går litt trått med de andre prosjektene man har på gang.

Louise sa...

Very nice! I really like her designs.

Laura sa...

Love it! Can't wait to see what you do next... but be careful this beading thing? It is addictive!

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