22. september 2012

Finally - pattern for sale: Torch man's hat - "Fakkelmannen"

Annepålandet and Torunn test knitted the first version of the pattern. They had troubles with the short rows, due to my poor explanations. I counted and recounted, but couldn't figure it out, before suddenly, one sleepless night - eureka! I understood how I had to do it. I tried it out on this hat, but I knew beforehand it was going to work.

The first two test hats also turned out a bit too big, and I was struggling with the charts, the sizing and the decreases. I was wondering - should I just leave it there, and forget about the pattern? I mean, you don't have to publish a pattern every time you make something. It's a bit obsessive, isn't it? But then I thought of all the work I had already put into the hat. And when I discovered the Testing Pool group on Ravelry, I decided to give it a go. Earlier, I have used the Free Pattern Testers group. It was okay at the time,  but the group has so many rules to obey, that I was reluctant to use it again.

But thanks to my first Norwegian testers, and then Christine and Ursula in the Testing Pool, the Torch Man's Hat - "Fakkelmannen" is now available. You can buy it here, or through Ravelry at 4.00 USD. You can see the tester's hats here, here and here.

And don't forget the Pot Holder Swap!

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craftivore sa...

What a fun hat! Good to know about the testing groups on Ravelry. Finding test knitters seems like one of those head scratching moments.

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