25. august 2012

Grrr.... Blogger

I sat down to start blogging some holiday knitting and discovered my navbar was gone. Without me having done anything. I can manage without, but it annoys me, and I can't figure out why it happened and how to fix it. And trying to fix it, I messed up other things and spent too much time without getting anywhere. That's what I hate about blogging. Anybody who can help? Or just cheer me up?
I went for a walk, took a photo of a pretty flower and had a cappuccino, which has improved my mood! Hope to show you some FOs soon!

1 kommentarer:

Gitte sa...

Sorry,jeg kan desværre ikke hjælpe,men kommer med et opmuntrende skulderklap,og så må du glæde dig over du havde fint vejr til en gåtur-i Danmark regner det

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