4. august 2012

Left over projects

I see that people are wondering about how to use their scrap yarn.

One pattern has become very popular this summer: Leftie by Martina Behm.

There is a new group ano Ravelry for scrap yarn ideas, Scraps of Joy.

My Octopetala scarf is another idea.

I have used scrap yarn for my two Sheep Heid hats, you need very little of each colour, and if you don't follow the colour scheme exactly, you can also use very small amounts, especially for the crown of the hat.

Sanna Vatanen has some nice ideas in her book "Stricka och Virka med restgarn". As far as I can see, the book is availble in Finnish and Swedish. On Ravelry here.

Granny squares are well known, of course. Here's another nice square that needs very small amounts of  yarn for the circles. Le vesinet by Sigrun Hugøy. I tested the pattern a couple of years ago.

 Le Vesinet d'Automne

And there's the the beekeeper's quilt, of course!

What's your favorite way to use scrap yarn?

3 kommentarer:

Gitte sa...

Tak for alle de fine ideer,jeg får aldrig brugt mine rester,det kunne jeg sikkert få gjort nu,måske især din hue

Monstermønster sa...

Jeg strikker mye barnevotter av rester, ingen rest for liten til det! Har nettopp strikket en stripete hals som passer perfekt til restegarn, striper bruker jeg ofte.


Det blir mye sokker hos meg, restegarn passer perfekt til stripete sokker :-)

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