17. desember 2012

✿ 17 ✿ Granny's granny square blanket ✿

This blanket was made by my grandmother 
and given to my parents at some point. 
I remember we used to have it at home. 

A while ago my mother gave it to me. 
Or rather, she said I could have it if I mended it. 
You can see a seam defect in the upper photo (bottom right).
There were several holes like that, 
and also a couple of squares that hat to be partly re-corcheted.

Which I did the other day!
And voilà!
Isn't it a beauty?
I think my mother will be glad to see it in or sofa 
when she comes for Christmas.

2 kommentarer:

rett og vrang sa...

Heldige du! Klenodier er fint å ta vare på. Jeg har et vevd ullteppe som ble brukt til dåpen i mors familie. Det er fra ca 1900. Det har jeg ikke våga å ha framme en gang! Synnøvehilsen

Flowermouse Design sa...

That is so beautiful!! And it is so nice to read that such great work is being taking care of!!!

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