9. august 2010

Green and red

I obviuously like green and red! A few days ago, I made this from my Flickr favourites:

Red and green faves

1. Whit's Knits: Three Great Baby Sweaters, 2. cham3, 3. Oh! Picasso, 4. Frogs, 5. circle yoke pullover, 6. Classic Monster Booty 2, 7. mitten on, 8. sling (spt), 9. toad hands #10

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And today I realised, I had made another green and red mosaic a couple of years ago, that I had completely forgotten about. Similar, but different, none of the same photos.

Green and red favourites

1. i love these colors, 2. Socks-1, 3. A cardigan for Merry - front, 4. tea cosy, 5. Frog prince available!, 6. Funny Elephant Pillow, 7. age of empires sweardress over striped thrifted dress, 8. needle case, 9. manta + apolo

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Mary Lou sa...

Are you getting ready for Christmas?

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