19. februar 2011

Mass production!

Squirrel ginger bread mittens

My latest mitten pattern, "Pepperkakevotter" has been test knitted, and is now available for purchase!

There are eight different motifs to choose from (squirrel, hedgehog, camel, reindeer, cat, lamb, snail and pig), or you can use the blank charts to make your own. The front and back of mittens are interchangeable.

Choose "Pepperkakevotter" if you want the Norwegian version, and "Ginger Bread Mitten", if you prefer English. The price is 4.50 $.

I asked on my facebook page for a test knitter for the Norwegian pattern. A friend voluntered her mother... and she made not one, but three pairs of mittens, with squirrel motif. And then she insisted on me keeping them. She worked at a looser gauge (21 sts and 24 rows per 10 cm / 4 inches), so the mittens turned out bigger than the original: circumference 24 cm, total length 26 cm, woman large/man medium, probably.

Squirrel ginger bread mittens

You can choose between sore thumb and peasant thumb.

There are two sizes, woman medium and child, size is determined by gauge:
Woman medium: 24 sts x 26 rounds = 10 x 10 cm /4 x 4 inches
Child 6-8 years: 27 sts x 30 rounds= 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches

The English pattern has been test knitted by
Hermionina, Craftzone and Marguerite!

Thanks a lot to my awsome test knitters!

Craftzone has also been doing mass production: Here are her two pairs from my written pattern.

Photos by Craftzone

But she also has made a few mittens from when I offered the charts free for Christmas, you can see them all here if you're a Ravelry member (highly recommended).

I felted one of the pairs Beate's mother made. One round at 40 degrees did almost nothing, the 2nd round did quite a lot, but after blocking they fit me perfectly. Thank you!

As you can see, I still have some ginger cookies left, and by coincidence, those are the three animals I did not chart for mittens, elephant, bear and moose. Maybe next Christmas...?

6 kommentarer:

Nina sa...

Wow, what a great bunch of mittens!

Louise sa...

Just bought your pattern. Thanks!!!

skb sa...

Så fine vottar! God idé at ein kan bytte om på motiva.

Mary Lou sa...

These look great. What is a 'sore thumb' - does it mean it sticks out?

torirot sa...

Thanks for commenting!

And yes, Mary-Lou, a sore thumb sticks out. I've been thinking of a post about mitten thumb anatomy, just stay tune :-)

Babben sa...

Er jo rene pepperkake-boksen dette, med votter i mange fasonger (les: motiver). De er kjempefine, og jeg fikk lurt til meg oppskriften ved juletider og bare venter på å få de på pinnene her :-)

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