7. august 2010

Irresistible new projects

Sometimes I just have to start new projects, in spite of all my wips (or maybe because of them..) Some days ago I cast on for a pair of mitten that I sketched during a lecture a couple of months ago (If I can't knit during a lecture, I often sketch patterns..) The mittens are inspired by the blue delft coloured yarn I had in my stash (Hacho, from Mirasol yarn). This again made me think of tiles from Holland, tulips, wind mills. And once again I played with the selbu rose.

Maybe it was these amazing Moulin Rouge mittens that made me go ahead and start my mill mittens? They are gorgeous, but I was not ready for a 10 per inch gauge project right now.

Then, Nanette had some nice colour knitting links on her blog (she often has.) One of them about a Latvian mitten KAL on Ravelry. I had just seen these mittens, and couldn't resist joining the KAL either. But I'm cheating, knitting at a more human gauge than Latvian mittens are supposed to - using fingering yarn, needles 3.5 mm and omitting one pattern repeat. So they work up quickly. Here's just the beginning of the cuff.

And here's another mitten pattern I just faved on Ravelry. It's free. Perfect gift for a mountain lover.

5 kommentarer:

Nina sa...

Cute mittens! I really need to make some mittens too..

Mary Lou sa...

Sometimes, you just have to start something new. I am wanting to start a sweater and it is so hot out I cannot understand why. (30 C and very humid.) I love the cuff on your mitten.

torirot sa...

Mittens are fun, Nina, you should maks some :-)
MaryLou - go ahead with your sweater, it will get colder... Glad you like the cuff. It's my new invention:-)

Solveig sa...

Høres ut som en kjent "lidelse" å stadig bli fristet til nye ting. Men det meste blir jo ferdig før eller siden, så da er det ikke så nøye. Strikking skal jo være lystbetont - og her kan det vel ikke gjøre noe å følge sine lyster.

Rosalía sa...

Saludos, nuevas ideas; siempre fantásticas y llenas de color.
¡Buscando inspiraciones no puedo evitar visitar tu página!

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