20. november 2008

I'm published!

I usually do not surf on the Internet at work. But today I had to check out the new Winter Issue of The Inside Loop. And there they were, my two patterns, the cowl Amiga and the Hippocampus mittens. Along with many other beautiful patterns. I'm thinking of downsizing the Armenius jumper, to fit a 10 year old boy, and the gorgeous cabled scarf, Blowsey Ruffles is also in my queue.
Thanks to Ragnhild for modelling the neckwarmer! You can see more amiga photos here.

I notice that esecially the mittens have had a nice welcome on Ravelry. Until last spring, I had accepted the fact that mittens were not my thing. But that was before I discovered the "magic loop". It's not that dpn's are so terrible to knit with (although I try to avoid them if I can). My problem has been the "second sock (mitten) syndrome". When I start a project, I already have several others on my mind. And after finising one mitten, it's hard to get on with the second one... But the magic loop has saved me (thanks, Ravelry). But this lonely guy is still suffering:

3 kommentarer:

marsupialia sa...

Welkom in Blog-verden!
Your designs are really great. So nice, they make me smile.
Greets from the Marsu,

marit sa...

Really nice designs!
Sorry about the lone sock...those are NOT easy to do using magic loop/ two-at-a-time1 It can be done though- I just haven't figured out how yet...

torirot sa...

Thank you!
I learnt the magic loop from this book: 2-at-a-time Socks
by Melissa Morgan-Oakes
The sock patterns are not especially interesting, I think - but it was worth it to figure out the magic loop-technique.

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