14. mars 2011

Kaffe fassett inspired knits #1 - or diamond/ triangle tunic redesign

I made this tunic many years ago, I think I finished it in 1993 or 1994, after having worked on it now and then for several years (I love stranded colourwork, but I really dislike intarsia). The pattern is from one of Kaffe Fassett's knitting books, don't remember which one.

I really liked how the colours and the pattern work together, and it looks pretty lying there on the floor (I think). But - it was worked in thick or double stranded cotton yarn, so you can imagine the weight... And adding to that, it was quite big. So I never used it. Which was a pity, I think.

So after many years in my closet, I decided to attack it with my scissors.

The first result was this dress:

Then came new office chair:

A little makeover

And there are still pieces left for embellishments, here's a pillow to be:

2 kommentarer:

Judith sa...

Så utrolig smart, det er for galt når plagg med slikt potenaiale bare blir liggende! Kjolen var nydelig.

duBedåre sa...

Fantatsiske gjennbruksplagg! For deg, stolen og sofaen!

Kjedelig når plagg en har nedlagt enormt med tid i blir liggende ubrukt i skuffen, fint å få det fram i ny og bedre utgave! Synes fargene dine er herlige sammen! Heia Fassett! Og Heia Torirot. (o:

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