6. mars 2011

"Gammelfjøset" - The old cowshed

My favourite cafe in the woods of Lillehammer.

DSC00067.jpg DSC00065.jpg

Today we had "Fastelavensboller" (Carnival buns, buns with whipped cream). On Wikipedia, you can read that Carnival in Denmark is called Fastelavn. In Norway too.



There's a very cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

To the left in this photo, there's an old tool on the wall.

I believe this one was used for treating flax, to make yarn.

(A "hekle" in Norwegian, heckling comb in English.)

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

And isn't this a beautiful wall hanging.

As far as I could see, it is woven, and then embroidered.


4 kommentarer:

Anne HJ sa...

Linhekle er helt riktig! Det er steg 3 i prosessen, etter "bråking" og "skaking". Nyttig lærdom fra sommerjobb på Maihaugen, også utprøvd i praksis!

torirot sa...

Jeg har også jobba på Maihaugen, skjønner du, i mange somre, men det begynner å bli lenge siden, så jeg er litt rusten når det gjelder foredling av lin...

Anonym sa...

What a cute cafe! It looks like a great place to warm up in.

Mary Lou sa...

That looks like a heavenly spot to celebrate Mardi Gras! And I just purchased your baby blanket in Kauni. It is so sweet, and I have some babies coming up to knit for. I wonder if it would work with MiniMochi, which is softer than Kauni, but I don't know if the color repeats are as long.

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