19. november 2013

What happened to the Mystery shawl?

I eagerly cast on the first clue, 
and enjoyed knitting the holes and the stripes. 
Then another project caught my interest. 
When I went back to the shawl, I had already seen all the clues. 
I didn't care for the shape, and I was unsure about my third colour. 
So I just picked up sts at the broad end of the long triangle, 
and worked stripes, decreasing every third stripe 
till there were jus a few stitches left. 

And here it is! I love the colours, and I love that it's so long. 

It can be doubled, and then wrapped twice around the neck.
It's soft and warm.
The yarn is Pickles Merino Tweed.

Already a favourite!

1 kommentarer:

Serena sa...

I like your colors and what you did with it!

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