23. september 2011

September shawls

Vibeke is celebrating her 2nd blog anniversary with a shawl give away! Two lovely knitted shawls!

You can join by commenting on her blog post.

Mornings are cold, and I am wearing the shawl I knit this summer for the TTL summer shawl KAL.

I am working on a 2nd shawl for the KAL, but will not be able to finish in time for the KAL (which is today) - Well, US time, so if I stay up all night.... no I won't. You can put the blame on the pot holders. But in a short time I'll have another nice shawl. Or maybe I'll give it away for Christmas. I'm using Icelandic laceweight for the Roma shawl.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Merci pour le lien ! Ton châle Roma va être super avec cette jolie laine, j'ai hâte de voir ça !

Vibekes lille ullne sa...

Flotte greier med reklame for blogglotteriet mitt. Takk skal du ha! :)

Amandas shawl ble nydelig og det ser lovende ut det du holder på med også.

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