15. september 2011

Tractor tee

Zaz wrote me a beautiful comment on Ravelry: "you made a tractor poetic and the fuggly sari yarn has a new side to it (....) here it is like a klee paintings touches of bright"
My husband calls it a fake.
Marguerite (who sent me the yarn) worries the sari silk might bleed. (I have changed the comment settings, Marguerite, so you should be able to comment directly on the blog, now. And I can reassure you, no bleeding after machine washing in cold water.)
Pinneguri asks me to come back from the potholder planet and show you more.

Ok, a little visit, here it is, my tractor tee!

The pattern is Striped top from Vogue knitting/ Designer knitting Spring/summer 2011. A long list of modifications:

Different yarn with a different gauge (18 in stead of 20). So I used stitch count for size 33 to get appr. size 37. My MC was Abuelita Organic Cotton from Pickles, and the CC Namaste Sathi Fils arc-en-ciel (recycled silk), given to me by Marguerite.

Worked top down, in the round, starting with a k 2, p 2 ribbing. Raglan increases kfb twice, every 2nd round till i had enough sts, then without increases till armpits.

Omitted stripes and added a different yoke pattern, and pattern/stripe at bottom and sleeves.

Hip shaping (like the raglan increases, but every 4th round five or six times)

That’s it, I think. The pattern was nice to use as a template, might use it again.

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Ojoj, denne var fin! Jeg prøvde meg på det traktordiagrammet en gang, på en lue, men traktorene var mye større enn jeg trodde. Men her var de jo midt i blinken! Original ide!

duBedåre sa...

WOW! Fabelaktig! Den skulle Moodsgutta ha sett, du hadde fått jobben!

Mary Lou sa...

Thanks for showing it - very cute. And Klee-like.

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