16. juni 2010

Sock sadness - and madness

Last year I was amazed by all the people who joined the 52 pair plunge, planning to knit 52 socks during the next year. At least two of my knit blogging friends have finished their 52 pairs: Erica and Pinneguri. Congratulations! And Annepålandet has joined for the next 12 months. Good luck!

My plan was less ambitious, two pairs of socks. And this is my progress - so obviously I didn't make it.

So, my ambition for the next 12 months is to finish this pair. I also want to try Pinneguri's new sock pattern.

7 kommentarer:

Nina sa...

It would take me five years to knit a pair of socks like that! Good luck on finishing the socks, they're going to be beautiful. :)

Rosalía sa...

It looks beautiful!

torirot sa...

Thank you! (Nina, if I were to continue in the same speed, I would use five years..!)

PeregrineBlue sa...

What a gorgeous combination of colors and the pattern is great too. MUY MUY BONITO. I wish I knew how to follow patterns, I'm lousy at it so usually just watch someone or invent my own.

Annepålandet sa...

Lekre sokker da! Har hørt rykter om at denne boka skal komme på engelsk. Ha en fin torsdag!

torirot sa...

Tusen takk!
Anne - I am not a very experienced sock knitter, so I should probably have used a Norwegian or English pattern, not German. It's good news if the book is beeing translated to English! Maybe someone will want my German copy?

Ulla-Bella sa...

Utrolig fine farger:)

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