8. juni 2010

Selbu mitten contest - here's my extra price!

Here's the extra price I won for my Selbu Sea Horse mitten.

Two skeins of this yummy Hifa yarn, Ask - with their colour chart. I've never used this yarn before, but it looks and feels very nice. And so many colours, 87 to be precise! And I know that the Norwegian designer Tora Frøseth uses this yarn, so it must be good.

This yarn obviously has to become mittens. Maybe one of these two, a couple of favourites from Terry Shea's book, which was also part of the price. Or maybe Knitnetty's horse mittens, "Blå blå Blakken".

I love this white and orange colour combo!

1 kommentarer:

Annepålandet sa...

Gratulerer! Fin premie. Men jeg syns jo absolutt du skulle vunnet hele konkurransen jeg da. Men - dessverre satt ikke jeg i jurien ;)
Ha en finfin dag!

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