1. februar 2009

Less is not more...

...in this book by Tine Solheim, Maskeball, one of my favourite knit and crochet books.

The title "Maskeball" has a double meaning in Norwegian, masquerade and "ball of stitches". Tine Solheim combines knitting and crochet; cables, lace and colourwork; beads and colour. So you can imagine, I love this book. Some of the designs are a little too much even for me, but others are great. I have lots of plans. but right now I don't even find the book - grr!

I don't think the book is translated. Norwegian crafters can also find her designs in "Familien" from time to time, this is from their Christmas edition 2008. I love the dress to the left.

I am making a tunic from the 2007 Christmas edition. I'm afraid it's been hibernating for a long time now...but I hope to finish it this winter.

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