20. januar 2009

Winter warmers

Warm colours and warm fibres - the two first 2009 FOs:

Pattern: Selbu Modern from Zeitgeist yarn
Yarn: Kauni effektgarn and Rauma Jubileumsgarn

Mods: Not intentional, but I'm a loose knitter, and I don't like knitting with needles thinner than 2, 5 mm, so after suffering through the ribbing with needles 2,0 mm, I changed to 2,5 mm, and was not able to get gauge og 30 sts per 10 cm. Mine was 28, so the hat is a little big, but not too big - I love it!!

Pattern: Blowsey RufflesbyJanine Le Cras
Yarn:Mirasol Yarn Sulka

When I first saw the pattern, I thought there was cabling involved, but it's not. It's just a very simple, but clever lace pattern, quickly learned, and a well written pattern. And the yarn is incredibly soft, merino, alpaca and silk.

I used kitchener stitch to join the ruffles at the end. I have done that many times, and it's logical, really, how you should do it, but I always have troubles starting. Now I was ok, after I found this nice tutorial on the PurlBee.

1 kommentarer:

Pinneguri sa...

Jeg sløyfet en rapport i Evilla (strikka i Evilla etter inspirasjon fra deg og din Kauni), og den lua passer meg best av de to jeg laget. Hadde på den største ute i går, føler meg helt tåpelig når den driver og glir ned i øya ;)
Fine farger i Kauni-lua din :)

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