10. januar 2009

Selbu modern for me

This is a wonderful pattern. I had not planned to make it right now, but I kept seeing one beautiful version after the other, and I just had to cast on. Knitting during a seminar yesterday made me get a long way:

I'm using my favourite yarns: Kauni Effektgarn (Rainbow) and Rauma Finnullgarn (Jubileumsgarn, with a little shimmer in it). I'm so looking forward to wearing this!

The pattern is wonderful, as I said, and it's free! Kate Gagnon designed it, you can find it on her blog. Ravelers can find it here.

1 kommentarer:

Pinneguri sa...

Åh, enda en vakker ;D) For du har helt rett, det er mange selbu-modernluer som er mer vakker enn den forrige.

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