31. januar 2011

Christmas knit along - J a n u a r y

I'm joining the "Julegavesamstrikk 2011", organised by Annepålandet.

Last year the along helped me finish several Christmas gifts - I was able to post every month except July - quite proud of that, even though some gifts were small.

And the other day, I forgot to tell you that this pair of mittens is the January gift for the along. The receiver is trying them on, they are a little small for a five year old, but will be perfect next winter, I think.

Btw, I have test knitters now.

3 kommentarer:

Babben sa...

Oops, godt du nevnte det med størrelser... Det har ikke jeg tenkt på - at mottagerne kanskje vokser litt dette året før jula kommer :-) Vottene dine er virkelig til å spise opp! Kjempefine!

Mary Lou sa...

Cute mittens! And what a good idea. I talked to Susan yesterday and she told me you two have worked out a swap for the mitten kit. Isn't the internet wonderful?

torirot sa...

Takk, Babben!
And, Mary Lou, the yarn and the pattern are on their way... The internet is wonderful indeed :-)

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