23. juni 2014

Mohair love

This spring, I was invited to a knitting event in the south of Norway, at Sjølingstad museum, which is an old wool factory, where the still spin yarn. I've blogged about that in Norwegian. I met lots of nice knitters, and enjoyed myself a lot. And I met a new yarn, which I fell in love with: Symre from Telespinn, a mini mill in the heart of Norway. 

I purchased some skeins, planning to make a cardigan with a round yoke, but had no idea about the pattern, or rather, I had lots of ideas spinning around in my head, but couldn't make up my mind. Then I remember Mary Jane Mucklestone's book 150 Scandinavian Motifs where I had seen a goat chart I really liked. Mohair - goats - of course! 

Here they are, happily running on green grass, under the blue sky on a lovely sunny day. 

The yarn is lovely, shiny, soft, warm and strong. It's a bit different to knit with than sheep wool, feels less elastic, but with a beautiful drape. So a hip length cardigan was a perfect match, I think. 

On my project page on Ravelry, I call the cardigan "Å, jeg vet en seter" from a Norwegian children's song, The pattern will be called "Singe-linge-lang" from the same song. 

And yes, there will be a pattern, sized from XS to XXL, bust size from 82 to 121 cm. Mine is size medium. I plan to publish the pattern some time in September. Stay tuned!

3 kommentarer:

Zab sa...

Very pretty! And you (not only your cardigan) are very pretty, making a perfect model for your patterns!

Mary sa...

Goats! How lovely. I look forward to another Torirot project this Fall. :)


Arnikai sa...

So lovely! Colours and pattern too.

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